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Miter saws are a booming power tool in today’s society. It can cut wood and other materials exceptionally well and in a wide array of possible angles. This is why miter saws are seen present in all the workshops and home garages I visited!
Along with my witnessing of this tool’s presence and work, I noticed for each miter saw I encounter there’s always a sturdy table that it’s attached to. This got me thinking, “How do you build a miter saw table like that?” as it obviously didn’t come with the tool itself.

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Get the materials you need and the tools you require! Plywood was usually the best bet for the material used to make the table. Most of the tools we need will be discussed as we push through.

GET MEASURING!Miter Saw Table infographic
With the help of your trusty square and tape for measuring, make all the necessary lengths and widths known. Measure all the ups and downs of your miter saw and mark them down on the wood to know just where to cut. It’s a pro tip to cut longer than the actual measurement to make sure there’s enough room for the attachments.

With another saw, it’s time to cut down the plywood to make the parts! Start with the legs to make sure you get the table standing just the right length and with enough sturdiness to handle all the weight.
Then come the top and spacers! Take care in cutting each one and remember – keep it longer than the actual (You’ve probably marked it anyway.)

SCREW THEM! (Literally)
Screw them together! The most common way is to make use of your drill, countersink and Kreg jig. Secure the spacers near the end and in the middle using Kreg screws, then attach the top using your countersink!
Now carefully position your miter saw on the table, secure it well with the spacers and some additional wood (if necessary) and there you have it! A great table to come with your power tool! Special thanks to MiterSawCorner.com for the information.

Miter Saw Table

The Importance of Packing Supplies while Transporting Things

pretoria-movers-packingWhenever we have to transport items from one part of the country to another part, we start getting headaches. Numerous things that have to borne in mind while shifting things from one location to another. There are several things that may go wrong and if something goes awry, you stand to lose the stuff.

It is very important to choose the right packing supplies because these ensure that the materials do not break if they have to withstand impacts. While transporters usually claim that they will make sure that the stuff will be shifted in such a way that it will remain safe, one never knows what may go wrong. Any reputable Pretoria mini movers company will makes sure that the goods of their clients are safe and sound.

While choosing packing supplies, you must try to go for eco-friendly alternatives. There is no point in choosing packing supplies that cause environmental damage because eco-friendly options are easily available.

For example, you may use scrunched newspapers as padding instead of the famous bubble wrap because newspapers are essentially useless after they are read and also because these are bio-degradable.

Different types of packing supplies are required for transporting different types of materials in Pretoria. For example, if you are transporting electronic appliances, you will have to ensure that they are wrapped in such a way that they are easy to move even when these have been removed from the truck.

If you have things to move from one part of the country to another, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a transporter because they will know exactly how to ensure that your stuff reaches safely and in time.

Some people avoid transporters because they think that firms that specialize in this field tend to overcharge by coming up with excuses like inside delivery and pickup. Some transporters also have rather steep minimum charges even when the weight of the stuff being transported is very low. In such cases people feel that it makes much more sense to simply arrange for transportation without help from professionals.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you may consider going for a reliable Pretoria furniture removalist like Active Transport that allows their customers the option of paying according to the weight of the stuff being transported. The best way to find such a company is to look for them on the Internet.


There is no question that most homes could use a little home improvement or remodeling. Especially in older homes, it could be necessary to update certain rooms of the house that are very out of date. This problem is most commonly found in the bathroom and kitchen areas. By getting these areas of your home remodeled, you can greatly increase the value of your home. You can also find more enjoyment and get more functionality out of where you live. Often, people find that by simply updating the look of their home, their contentment and satisfaction within their living space greatly increases.
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The right home renovation contractor will help you assess exactly how you want your home to look and our highly skilled professionals will make sure you are left with the home of your dreams.
If you are looking to update your kitchen, it is very important to figure out what exactly it is that you are not satisfied with. For some people, it could be the lack of light. For others, it could be the lack of storage space. Also the style and décor could be completely outdated. You can completely restructure the layout of your kitchen in order to increase its functionality. In addition, a professional team will streamline the look of your kitchen to make it look brand new. By installing cabinetry and counters that provide a cohesive look with your appliances and flooring, your kitchen will be modernized, functional and efficient.

The same remodeling services can be done for other areas of the house, such as the bathroom or basement. You can restructure your bathroom and update the cabinets, sinks and flooring to give it an updated and modernized appearance.
Beyond upgrading, other home improvement services you may need include basement and attic renovations. Depending on your purposes, you can turn either of these areas into dry and breathable living spaces, so that you can get the most out of the square footage of your home.


time-to-sellThe term home improvement encompasses many different aspects of home renovation. There’s the exterior of the house, in charge of keeping water and wind out of the home. Things like siding, windows, and of course, roofing and gutters. When such things are neglected or simply are not installed properly, you can end up with a water damage problem which often leads to a different repair category known as “Disaster Restoration”.

Then there’s the category that’s not really seen but felt. Things like Heating and air conditioning. Both which require regular servicing from a professional in order to insure maximum efficiency and life of each unit.

A good home maintenance program can increase its value overtime by preventing deterioration which often adds up to high replacement costs over the years. Things like a privacy fence, can increase your homes value when it comes time to sell, simply by making the over all appearance seem that much nicer, by adding to the curb appeal in a buyers eyes.

When planned out properly, a basement living area can effectively double the square footage of your home. In most areas of the country, in order for this to be true, these living areas need an egress window which is one big enough for a person to climb out of in the case of a fire. Basement egress windows consist of a window well that is commonly constructed of treated wood timbers or concrete. In order to install one, a hole is dug down along the foundation approximately 6 feet deep depending on the window size.

Installing crown molding with the best miter saw

Another thing that will increase the value of your home, is installed new crown molding. This isn’t a complicated task, and can be done with a bit of sweat over a weekend. Head over to Youtube to watch some videos, and grab a tool like the Hitachi C10FCH2 miter saw which is considered to be one of the best mitre saws.

The hole is then lined with wood timbers or cinder blocks to keep it from caving in. The well must also have some type of ladder system incorporated  in it to allow small children to climb out of it. The bottom of the well must be filled with pea stone and a drain pipe that leads to the foundation weep tile in order to prevent it from filling up with water. Some window wells have  lids on them although most do not. However, there are pre-manufactured well kits sold that are  made out of fiberglass that also come with clear lids on them to keep out snow and leaves as well as rain water. lids must be able to be opened allowing people to get out.

Special thanks to David Horton from sawist.com for this article.

Home Improvement

Miter Saw Table

Miter Saw Table