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Miter saws are a booming power tool in today’s society. It can cut wood and other materials exceptionally well and in a wide array of possible angles. This is why miter saws are seen present in all the workshops and home garages I visited!
Along with my witnessing of this tool’s presence and work, I noticed for each miter saw I encounter there’s always a sturdy table that it’s attached to. This got me thinking, “How do you build a miter saw table like that?” as it obviously didn’t come with the tool itself.

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Get the materials you need and the tools you require! Plywood was usually the best bet for the material used to make the table. Most of the tools we need will be discussed as we push through.

GET MEASURING!Miter Saw Table infographic
With the help of your trusty square and tape for measuring, make all the necessary lengths and widths known. Measure all the ups and downs of your miter saw and mark them down on the wood to know just where to cut. It’s a pro tip to cut longer than the actual measurement to make sure there’s enough room for the attachments.

With another saw, it’s time to cut down the plywood to make the parts! Start with the legs to make sure you get the table standing just the right length and with enough sturdiness to handle all the weight.
Then come the top and spacers! Take care in cutting each one and remember – keep it longer than the actual (You’ve probably marked it anyway.)

SCREW THEM! (Literally)
Screw them together! The most common way is to make use of your drill, countersink and Kreg jig. Secure the spacers near the end and in the middle using Kreg screws, then attach the top using your countersink!
Now carefully position your miter saw on the table, secure it well with the spacers and some additional wood (if necessary) and there you have it! A great table to come with your power tool! Special thanks to for the information.

Miter Saw Table

Miter Saw Table

Miter Saw Table