Improving your home

time-to-sellThe term home improvement encompasses many different aspects of home renovation. There’s the exterior of the house, in charge of keeping water and wind out of the home. Things like siding, windows, and of course, roofing and gutters. When such things are neglected or simply are not installed properly, you can end up with a water damage problem which often leads to a different repair category known as “Disaster Restoration”.

Then there’s the category that’s not really seen but felt. Things like Heating and air conditioning. Both which require regular servicing from a professional in order to insure maximum efficiency and life of each unit.

A good home maintenance program can increase its value overtime by preventing deterioration which often adds up to high replacement costs over the years. Things like a privacy fence, can increase your homes value when it comes time to sell, simply by making the over all appearance seem that much nicer, by adding to the curb appeal in a buyers eyes.

When planned out properly, a basement living area can effectively double the square footage of your home. In most areas of the country, in order for this to be true, these living areas need an egress window which is one big enough for a person to climb out of in the case of a fire. Basement egress windows consist of a window well that is commonly constructed of treated wood timbers or concrete. In order to install one, a hole is dug down along the foundation approximately 6 feet deep depending on the window size.

Installing crown molding with the best miter saw

Another thing that will increase the value of your home, is installed new crown molding. This isn’t a complicated task, and can be done with a bit of sweat over a weekend. Head over to Youtube to watch some videos, and grab a tool like the Hitachi C10FCH2 miter saw which is considered to be one of the best mitre saws.

The hole is then lined with wood timbers or cinder blocks to keep it from caving in. The well must also have some type of ladder system incorporated  in it to allow small children to climb out of it. The bottom of the well must be filled with pea stone and a drain pipe that leads to the foundation weep tile in order to prevent it from filling up with water. Some window wells have  lids on them although most do not. However, there are pre-manufactured well kits sold that are  made out of fiberglass that also come with clear lids on them to keep out snow and leaves as well as rain water. lids must be able to be opened allowing people to get out.

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